Friday, March 27, 2009

colorful weddings: part I

this is the first in two posts on colorful weddings. i'm loving that others have the idea of borrowing on south of the border style. my favorite parts of this wedding are that they use plastic colorful cups and have sharpies out for people to put their names on them. i also adore the paper flower hair wreaths that the little girls are wearing. cameron + kelly studios.

colorful weddings: part II

a new mexico wedding. the colors of this wedding are fantastic. reds, oranges and a hint of turquoise. i especially like the sting of lights across the aisle. oh, those big bulbs.

killer rings

these are killer rings. i especially like the buckle one with the diamond. i'm looking for a wedding band and of course none of these are bands, but i love them. becky kelso

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

red board

i seem to be unable to post regularly. it is not that i'm that busy with the planning because i haven't done much more crafting or planning. is suppose it comes in waves.
i love everything about this board. but mostly i like the red. snippet and ink.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

silver or color?

these would be great favors or part of table decoration. slap a magnet on the back and they are even better. i just cannot decide which is better, color or silver?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

update on budget

it has been a while since i've posted about budgets. i'm happy to say that we are still very close to what we originally wanted to spend. i've done some purchasing here and there of decorations, so i will put up a photo soon of all my vintage finds with a price tag of what i've spent.

for the exciting part, i've received my dress from KTJean. i absolutely love it. it is just my style and i cannot wait to wear it. it came wrapped beautifully in wedding color ribbons. thanks Katie!


i'm getting more and more excited. one of my friends who i've known for several years is shooting my wedding. inga has creativity running through her blood. i used to work for her mom and sis at their flower shop on holidays. that is where inga and i met. i was so happy she found photography when she did and went to some of her first shows. now she is super successful and an amazing photographer and i'm so happy she is coming to and shooting the wedding!