Monday, September 29, 2008

the octonauts

my new favorite thing. octonauts! i have one of these images on my computer screen saver. aren't they adorable. i want the children's books.

more paper flowers

these look real! from lalalaurie via once wed. she dips her individual petals in beeswax. i guess that is what makes them look so beautiful.

boots and weddings - a great combo

this from Jessamyn Harris via a practical wedding. boots with dresses on the bridesmaids are super cute.


peacocks on hosiery. yippie. from ModCloth.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Heather Bailey fabric and pin cushions

Heather Bailey has the cutest pin cushions around. that almost sounds perverse. but she does! those strawberries look good enough to eat. she has also just opened her new online store and i've been drooling over her latest fabrics. below is just a sample - boy, does she know color. i like the idea of a fabric backdrop for photos and would love to have one of these are about a dozen others. i really should take up quilting again. first i'd have to finish the one i started in 1995 then i could move on to one with some HB fabrics.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

more paper flowers

by next june you will have seen every paper flower there is to see on the internet. i promise. i bought some crepe paper the other day to try out the difference between crepe and tissue. i prefer crepe. it is like the difference between bad toilet paper and good toilet paper or pleather and leather. crepe is so much easier to work with and you can shape it to look more like real petals and flowers. as an example, i've put some pics up of Martha's crepe papers. she sells kits for making crepe paper flowers but luckily she puts the instructions on how to make them online. so for those who diy, we can use our own supplies and make them ourselves rather than having to buy the kit. i'm really adoring the peonies and dogwoods.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


i guess i'm on a run with stationery. check out these adorable wooden cards. i really like the raccoon - he is super cute. his expression and attitude is much the same as mine when i'm facing a big ear of corn on the cob - yum! and the squirrel below would have gone with the idea of "just a squirrel who found her nut." These darling little things are made by Night Owl Paper Goods but I found them via Oh So RB.

Friday, September 12, 2008

while we're on the subject of invitations

i spent a couple hours (okay, more than a couple but i won't admit how many) trying to work out what i'd like the save-the-date (i refuse to use the abbreviation "std") cards would look like. and here is what i came up with. a combination of photoshop and word allowed me to create this. i did the calendar and heart in photoshop and then imported it into word and did the rest of the lettering. what do you think? i think it kind of sets the mood for the event with the "el corazon" heart and the vintage-ish cowboy lettering. it also has those two colors i adore so much. i'm thinking postcard. i will run this by the guy and see if he has any suggestions or objections. but i think i like it. i'm still considering if i need to take out the stars and put in a bit of scroll work instead. also, i'd like to print them on brown kraft paper but i don't know how that will look. which do you like, top or bottom?

diy invites

i've been collecting fonts. yes, you heard it correct - collecting fonts. i know i collect a lot of things for no particular reason. but this time there is a reason. there are websites where you can go and download certain fonts for your word processing program. i downloaded these two the other day Pentagon and Captain Howdy (respectively). they are the vintage cowboy look that i think is super fabulous. pretty soon i'll try my hand at designing save-the-date cards and other types of paper goods. i'm thinking of using the old brown kraft paper. fun stuff.

tomatoes and invitation ideas

i've always been attracted to vintage cowboy print. looks like there is somebody else who shares my taste. check this stationery out from YeeHaw. i so much want to take this farmers' market poster and turn it into a save-the-date card. tomatoes will feature in the wedding because we both love them so much. my guy and i can easily sit down and eat a bag of chips and a jar of salsa for lunch or dinner and we have several times! initially, i thought that i would make homemade salsa for each guest as a wedding favor, but then i looked up the recipe. do you know how many tomatoes are needed for a jar of salsa? a gazillion! plus you need to have nice ripe ones and i have yet to see those sold in the stores these days. i'd have to grow them myself and i just don't have the time or skill it takes to do that. if my papa were here he could do it. he used to grow the best tomatoes in the world. we used to get a salt shaker and take it outside and eat 'em like apples when we were little. about once a year i can replicate the taste of a tomato and mayo sandwich like i used to eat when i was a kid. there is no mistaking a homegrown tomato.
cupcakes make me happy too!
these would be really cute sitting at each place setting with a note on the back. i like the gracias ones because they are spanish but i love the thank you ones because they are red. choices, choices.

i won!

i won a contest on a blog! all i had to do was answer a couple questions and I won these beautiful earrings from noaki. fantastic surprise! i just received the earrings today and they are absolutely perfect gold, shiny, dangly, bits of beauty.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

everywhere i look, more paper flowers

it seems everywhere i look, i see paper flowers. i keep seeing all kinds of designs which gives me more and more ideas about making them. here are the latest ones. these i found on Design Sponge and are by Zoe Bradley. they are actually part of an art exhibit. somehow i doubt mine would be considered for an art exhibit. but i do like the angular design of these.

and these are from a wedding featured by Brooklyn Bride. the bride made them herself. what is even more exciting is that she also had a mexican-inspired wedding and had a mariachi band and pinatas. yeah! AND the wedding was in central Florida. weird. i was trying to figure out from the pics where the wedding was held, but couldn't tell. if she is from cenFLA then that would just be weird. two girls from cenFLA deciding to have a mexican-inspired wedding with paper flowers. i asked my guy about a mariachi band but he drew the proverbial line in the sand at that one. he also wasn't too keen about the pinatas. oh well.