Wednesday, November 26, 2008

i know it's thanksgiving and not easter but....

is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen. that bunny's tongue is precious. can i just say that i'm 'thankful' for bunny tongues? Happy Thanksgiving! from peonies and polaroids

teal and red

Friday, November 21, 2008

porcelain beer cans

these are kickass.
although, i'm sure if they were in the middle of our table and the guy came home, he'd say "who was over drinkin'?" okay, perhaps i've underestimated him - he'd probably say, "can i have the last one?"

for mom

she would like these. check out the other cool driftwood art at Yalos Alanya

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

well done

i think she has managed to pull of the flower in the hair very well. que adorable! I have about the same shape of face as her and similar

if you haven't seen the details of this wedding, you really should

southern bride blogger and unconvention

exciting news. i've been asked by Southern Weddings Magazine daily blog to put a link to my blog on their blog. that was a mouthful. anyway, if you go to this link you will see a little square called 'cute shiny thing'. if you click on that - it will take you straight back here!

unconvention - i love it!

photos by mi belle inc.

cheeky monkey

i love the phrase "cheeky monkey" which i've learned since moving to oz. used to describe someone who is acting a bit sly or smarty pants. anyway, it might be used to describe my collection of milk glass and other containers for the wedding centerpieces. so, you know how i've been collecting them? well, i keep having people ask me how i'm going to get them home. that's not the cheeky part - i'm packing them all in one suitcase and having the guy carry them as one of his two luggage allowances. he might find that cheeky...

the cheeky part comes in when you consider the exchange rate. now i should preface this by saying the exchange rate from aus to us dollars NEVER works to my advantage. NEVER! particularly since now all the money that we've saved for the wedding is 66 cents to the us dollar! crap! anyway, i just thought about it the other day that i will be selling these pieces as one lot once the wedding is over. i intend to package every last one up in a large box and sell the whole lot to some bride who wishes to get a good deal on beautiful, carefully selected vintage centerpiece ware. the good part - i can sell the whole lot for the same cost i spent for them in aus dollars which gives me a mark up of 34 cents to the dollar. does that make sense? should i do the math. you should check mine, because i'm horrible at math!

vase = $2.00aus or $1.32us if i sell it in the us for $2.00us, the $2.00us exchanges at $3.00aus and i come out a dollar richer!

now, i'm not trying to be greedy and a dollar hardly makes me a serious entrepreneur. but at least i get a bone or two now and then from the exchange rate!
pic of milkglass not mine: feather in my nest read here about her collection.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

it's finally here...roller derby

after waiting over a year to try out for the roller derby, i'm finally in town long enough to participate in the "fresh meat" intake. i have to admit a tweaked knee and bruised ego after my fourth practice when i tried out my first double knee slide. i expect to become familiar with the position above. i think my roller derby name will be "dixie dynamite." what do you think? i think it satisfies two attributes: my southern sensibilities and my "dynamite comes in small packages." photo credit: cig harvey

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


one of my favorite subjects to talk about. cakes. i like cakes. cakes are good. cakes make me smile. cakes are usually the objects of my affection regardless of who or what else is in the room. have i made my point clear?
the last two images of cakes are how i envision the wedding cake table. i would like to get many cakes. the more cakes the better instead of one big cake. i'm not a huge fan of wedding cake because it is usually made well in advance, usually dry and the icing is nearly always that detestable fondant. so to avoid this scenario, i will either have several of friends and family members make a good cake to bring or have a local bakery make eight cakes. i like cakes.
credits: 1)vicky crease via absolutely beautiful things; for the rest, i believe a few are martha stewart, please forgive me for not knowing.

dresses to dye for

elizabeth dye makes the cutest dresses. she uses old dresses and new fabrics to create these treasures. i think the one above is my favorite. it has the old-timey feel - it's perfect. and the one below is so snazzy. i love the ruffles around the neck. mind you, if i put that thing one i'd look like a defensive end for the miami dolphins. i think this bride pulls it off perfectly with her small frame.