Friday, December 5, 2008

just when you thought you were orginal

i've been really slack lately about writing anything when i post pics. it has been exceptionally busy with work and life so i've just been trying to stay afloat. anyway, good news all around. i passed my fresh meat roller derby trials and am now allowed to start "real" training. i was super excited about that! so we have a break over the holiday and start back to training two days a week in January. woohoo! but back to the post. you know, just when you think you have an original idea, somebody comes right along and tells you they've already done it. i've been admiring for some time a local antique shop's salt and pepper shakers and thought that they would be really cute on top of the cakes and pies at the wedding. since we've decided to go with several good cakes rather than one day old crusty wedding cake, i've been thinking about toppers. i would say "wouldn't it be cute if you put a set of shakers on top of each one," but you can see for yourself how cute it would be. from wedding chicks

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