Wednesday, April 8, 2009

rollerskating is cool

luckily i have friends that are cool enough to still like rollerskating. so i'm planning on renting out the local rink the thursday before the wedding. we can have cake and pitchers of coke, play video games and skate. all ages are invited so the kids that come will love it too. hopefully nobody would get hurt or break anything. if i did, i'd just wrap the cast in vintage lace and walk down the aisle. i think people get too caught up in worrying about having their "day" be perfect. it is the unexpected imperfections that make you laugh at pictures, not the fact that your hair was perfectly in place.


Sara E. Cotner said...

Oh, how I wish we were friends in real life! That plan sounds amazingly cool and fun!

ines said...

Ey Jen... I know this comment arrives late but your are right. You will always remember the imperfections and funny moments during the wedding and on the photos, ja, ja...
I was unable to read what I was supposed to read, so we all laughed and we never forget that moment!
I wish I could be there !!!!