Thursday, September 4, 2008

everywhere i look, more paper flowers

it seems everywhere i look, i see paper flowers. i keep seeing all kinds of designs which gives me more and more ideas about making them. here are the latest ones. these i found on Design Sponge and are by Zoe Bradley. they are actually part of an art exhibit. somehow i doubt mine would be considered for an art exhibit. but i do like the angular design of these.

and these are from a wedding featured by Brooklyn Bride. the bride made them herself. what is even more exciting is that she also had a mexican-inspired wedding and had a mariachi band and pinatas. yeah! AND the wedding was in central Florida. weird. i was trying to figure out from the pics where the wedding was held, but couldn't tell. if she is from cenFLA then that would just be weird. two girls from cenFLA deciding to have a mexican-inspired wedding with paper flowers. i asked my guy about a mariachi band but he drew the proverbial line in the sand at that one. he also wasn't too keen about the pinatas. oh well.

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