Friday, September 12, 2008

tomatoes and invitation ideas

i've always been attracted to vintage cowboy print. looks like there is somebody else who shares my taste. check this stationery out from YeeHaw. i so much want to take this farmers' market poster and turn it into a save-the-date card. tomatoes will feature in the wedding because we both love them so much. my guy and i can easily sit down and eat a bag of chips and a jar of salsa for lunch or dinner and we have several times! initially, i thought that i would make homemade salsa for each guest as a wedding favor, but then i looked up the recipe. do you know how many tomatoes are needed for a jar of salsa? a gazillion! plus you need to have nice ripe ones and i have yet to see those sold in the stores these days. i'd have to grow them myself and i just don't have the time or skill it takes to do that. if my papa were here he could do it. he used to grow the best tomatoes in the world. we used to get a salt shaker and take it outside and eat 'em like apples when we were little. about once a year i can replicate the taste of a tomato and mayo sandwich like i used to eat when i was a kid. there is no mistaking a homegrown tomato.
cupcakes make me happy too!
these would be really cute sitting at each place setting with a note on the back. i like the gracias ones because they are spanish but i love the thank you ones because they are red. choices, choices.

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