Monday, August 18, 2008

just a squirrel who found her nut

i showed this cake topper from at Etsy to a friend the other day and told her that i thought it would be cute to use it and put a little sign by the cake that said, "just a squirrel who found her nut." she said it would be cool to use it on a save the date card and as a general theme.

then i found these pins at ohmycavalier at Etsy. they are super cute. you could put a bowl of these out on a table or pin them to the napkin as a favor. according to ohmycavalier, carrying around an acorn is supposed to bring you luck. but look at these sea creature pins.

and this super adorable bear tag. i just want to squeeze the bear. she has stuff on poppytalkhandmade.

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