Monday, November 17, 2008

southern bride blogger and unconvention

exciting news. i've been asked by Southern Weddings Magazine daily blog to put a link to my blog on their blog. that was a mouthful. anyway, if you go to this link you will see a little square called 'cute shiny thing'. if you click on that - it will take you straight back here!

unconvention - i love it!

photos by mi belle inc.

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Munted kowhai said...

How exciting!
A link of your blog to on another blog.
I am at work and am googling myself and found that you have mentioned me on your blog. the power of google ... and procrastination!
Those necklaces were my starter ones and looking at them now makes me cringe a bit! They have evolved quite a bit,as has my photo taking techniques. It's kinda like looking at a high school year book. Yikes!

I love your blog by the way!