Tuesday, November 11, 2008


one of my favorite subjects to talk about. cakes. i like cakes. cakes are good. cakes make me smile. cakes are usually the objects of my affection regardless of who or what else is in the room. have i made my point clear?
the last two images of cakes are how i envision the wedding cake table. i would like to get many cakes. the more cakes the better instead of one big cake. i'm not a huge fan of wedding cake because it is usually made well in advance, usually dry and the icing is nearly always that detestable fondant. so to avoid this scenario, i will either have several of friends and family members make a good cake to bring or have a local bakery make eight cakes. i like cakes.
credits: 1)vicky crease via absolutely beautiful things; for the rest, i believe a few are martha stewart, please forgive me for not knowing.

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