Monday, November 17, 2008

cheeky monkey

i love the phrase "cheeky monkey" which i've learned since moving to oz. used to describe someone who is acting a bit sly or smarty pants. anyway, it might be used to describe my collection of milk glass and other containers for the wedding centerpieces. so, you know how i've been collecting them? well, i keep having people ask me how i'm going to get them home. that's not the cheeky part - i'm packing them all in one suitcase and having the guy carry them as one of his two luggage allowances. he might find that cheeky...

the cheeky part comes in when you consider the exchange rate. now i should preface this by saying the exchange rate from aus to us dollars NEVER works to my advantage. NEVER! particularly since now all the money that we've saved for the wedding is 66 cents to the us dollar! crap! anyway, i just thought about it the other day that i will be selling these pieces as one lot once the wedding is over. i intend to package every last one up in a large box and sell the whole lot to some bride who wishes to get a good deal on beautiful, carefully selected vintage centerpiece ware. the good part - i can sell the whole lot for the same cost i spent for them in aus dollars which gives me a mark up of 34 cents to the dollar. does that make sense? should i do the math. you should check mine, because i'm horrible at math!

vase = $2.00aus or $1.32us if i sell it in the us for $2.00us, the $2.00us exchanges at $3.00aus and i come out a dollar richer!

now, i'm not trying to be greedy and a dollar hardly makes me a serious entrepreneur. but at least i get a bone or two now and then from the exchange rate!
pic of milkglass not mine: feather in my nest read here about her collection.

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