Thursday, August 14, 2008

the dress

so choosing a dress for the wedding day is usually a very long and sometimes arduous but often exciting process. it almost always is a happy ending. i have to admit that i've never been one to dream about what kind of wedding dress i would wear, or even dream about getting married. so when we decided to set a date, i thought "sh-t, i need a dress."

what i did know was that we would get married outside either under a tree, on the beach or on a porch and that it would occur in the afternoon. i also know that i am a short gal with a decent set of gams (thanks to the years of softball, volleyball and soccer, and good genes) who has never really liked long dresses or skirts. just to prove how clueless i was about wedding dresses - i had NO idea that short dresses were "non-traditional." so when i started looking for dresses via wedding blogs i was disappointed to find so few short dresses. i thought a short dress was perfect for an outdoor wedding. i mean, who wants to drag a dress through grass and dirt?

luckily, i found something on a blog that absolutely made me shout and jump for joy. the dress combined the things i absolutely love: etsy, hand-made, vintage, romantic, flirtatious...and most importantly short. i love, love, love the dress. so i contacted Katie at KT Jean and she was super helpful and sweet and has taken my order. i am beyond excited and cannot wait to see the dress.

i am seriously considering wearing boots with it like the model. i just have to see how the dress and my short little legs will look with the boots. it is crazy but for some reason this dress and boots doesn't seem "non-traditional" to me, just really fun and perfect.

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lily pottery said...

definitely go for the boots! I am SUCH a boot girl. i wear them with any and everything! boots would look super-fabuous with the dress!