Sunday, August 17, 2008


today i go pick up my ring from the jewelers. i'm so excited. it got a small face lift. the story of the ring is really sweet and i won't go into it other than to say that it is from Ghana where my guy was working on a project and brought it back as a surprise and it was hidden in my fishing tackle box for me to find when he popped the question. since it was from Ghana and the setting was non-traditional, i just wanted to have it checked for strength and i had noticed the diamond, as of late, seemed loose. so with the idea that after i get married i still want to wear it with the band, combined with the fact that i am VERY hard on equipment (probably me that knocked the diamond loose), i took it in to the jeweler to see what his opinion was. he suggested that i alter the setting slightly to a bezel setting which would, ehhm, protect the diamond better and reinforce the band on the inside with another layer of gold to strengthen the core of the ring since it was very thin and petite. i was super cautious and told him that i did not in any way want to alter the ring so that it no longer reflected the preciousness of being brought all the way home from Africa. he assured me he would be very careful. i'm scared but excited. maybe i'll take pics when i get home with it. crap! i wish i had pics of it before. i wonder if i do somewhere?

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