Tuesday, August 12, 2008

yes, yes, yes, paper flowers

everytime i see paper flowers i'm going to link to them. technically it is stretching it a bit to call these paper flowers, but i don't care. i am going to be making and using paper flowers for the wedding. i absolutely adore fresh flowers but after having worked in the floral industry for several years i know: 1) that they are overpriced and 2) that i wouldn't want anyone to do them for my wedding but me. so in lieu of the real thing and because the wedding is 'mexican-inspired', i will be folding and poofing paper flowers days before the wedding (hopefully with a little help from my friends). these are from Artfool via Once Wed. check out the making and hanging of these beauties at Artfool's new blog.

these are more what i was thinking for the table decor but there will definitely be some hanging. probably not as artfull as Artfool.

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